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A Super Savvy Salary Sacrifice 

We all know how hard it can be to buy your first home. Saving for a deposit through a super fund is one way first home buyers can now get a leg up on the property ladder. We've been helping clients as young as eleven years old (with help from their generous grandparents) start their journey towards future home ownership. 

Why we're excited

  • It's so easy - use your existing super account, or start a new one 
  • Huge Tax Savings
  • Withdraw contributions plus deemed rate of return (90 day Bank Bill rate + 3%) 
  • Couples, siblings and friends can save separately to purchase the same property 
  • Flexible time frame
  • Forced savings - set up and forget 
  • No dipping in on a Friday night! 

FHSSS strategies to consider 

  • Start saving for your first home whilst benefitting from tax savings over the medium-long term
  • Contribute existing savings into super and withdraw soon after to create a tax benefit 
  • Parents gift funds into super to be withdrawn soon after - Child receives a tax refund! 
  • Parents/Grandparents set up an account for a minor child for the long term - Kick start both their deposit and their super retirement fund! 

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