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The Choice Team

why I do it

Buying a house is one of the most important & exciting times in a person’s life, but it can also be quite stressful and daunting at times. I love being involved from the beginning, helping them achieve their goal of owning a home and making it as stress free as possible!

I also love seeing other people succeed in life and love to be a part of that, whether that be here at Choice Capital assisting the team and clients, or anyone else in my life personally.  To see other people happy makes me happy!

how I do it

I have been in Mortgage Broking for nearly 7 years and have just recently joined the team at Choice Capital.  I work alongside our Lending Specialists to manage the administrative side of the loan applications and will do everything in my power to achieve positive and smooth transactions for our clients. Keeping the clients updated at each step is really important so they understand the process and feel as comfortable as possible.

It’s also very important to have good, trustworthy and reliable relationships with anyone involved in the transaction, whether that be with the lenders, conveyancers/solicitors or at branch level to assist with sorting out issues after settlement, as we are all in this to get the same, positive outcome for the client, so working together is vital.

who I really am

I was born and raised in Melbourne, and couldn’t see myself living anywhere else! I love the vibe, the people, the amazing restaurants (Spice Temple being one of my faves!), and of course the nightlife!

I am a bit of a social butterfly, so I am rarely home. My week nights and weekends are spent out catching up with friends which usually include a wine or two! Or on a nice day, relaxing on the beach.

I love all things fitness related, whether that be going to the gym, boxing sessions, a round of tennis, a long walk and especially running as I like to participate in fun runs – the last one I did was the Sunset Series at The Tan where I came fifth female!  My next goal is "Run The Rock  at Hanging Rock.