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The Choice Team

Why I do it

Growing up I saw my parents work really hard, yet never really have a plan on where they intended to go.

In my early teens I then saw the profound impact a good Accountant had on their (our) financial future, witnessed the importance of sound financial management and made the correlation between getting your finances in order and general happiness with whatever you want to do in life.

I also found it fascinating that people would go to a mechanic to get their car fixed, to the hairdresser for a haircut - and yet spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions these days) purchasing property, but not see a professional for advice on ownership structure, finance options and property types, so I joined the mortgage broking industry in 2004 and here I am! 

How I do it

I listen to what people really want -  their needs and objectives. Then provide feedback based on credit knowledge and experience, to allow them to make an informed decision to get them where they want to go.  

I've been there myself. When joining the industry I just so happened to be under financial duress. Nothing like refinancing your own credit cards and car loan to understand the financial burden that can be lifted!  

Who I Really Am

I'm the youngest of three and grew up in Doncaster. After surviving a serious car accident at age 23, I'm just happy to be alive, and try to live a full life surrounded by family, friends and music. I'm a brainwashed Magpies supporter (they got me young, sorry!) and at the weekend you can find me either at the footy or hanging out on the Mornington Penisular. I play bass guitar and have played in bands, and put out a few records over the years. I also DJ (badly) and have collected LP’s since I was 16, an expensive obsession that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone!

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