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The Choice Team

 Why I do it

Helping clients and achieving the best outcome for them is my passion, and why I love the industry that I am in. There is nothing better than being able to assist someone in achieving their goals and aspirations, and devising an effective process to accomplish this. Whether its developing a plan to maximise a client’s wealth now and in retirement, or making sure they’re adequately protected in light of any unforeseen event, what we do and help to achieve can be life changing and unforgettable.

How I do it

I’ve been in the financial planning industry for just over three years now, and just like any relationship, building and maintaining trust is an extremely important element to be successful. The beauty in financial planning is that no two clients are ever the same and I feel extremely fortunate to be in the position where clients place their trust upon us to deliver the best outcome for them.

To achieve this, it requires open and honest communication between us and the client and to not shy away from any challenges or difficulties. It requires adherence to set plans and outcomes and doing everything I can to achieve the objectives desired by our clients. It requires accuracy and attention to detail to achieve the desired result effectively and efficiently.  

Who I Really Am

I’m a passionate sports fan, and love all forms of sport. As a spectator I’m a mad Essendon supporter (don’t hold that against me!), and thoroughly enjoy watching the tennis, basketball and cricket. As a participant, I can be found hitting the badminton court pretty hard. 

It’s not with great pleasure that I reveal that I’m a sucker for reality TV (The Bachelor anyone??). But I also love watching horror movies, spending time with family and friends, and discovering new places and restaurants in town and abroad. If you have any suggestions, then please let me know!