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The Choice Team

why I do it

I have always wanted to help people reach their financial goals and the fact that I am stimulated every day in doing that has driven me into this industry. Everyone is different and this keeps the job interesting and challenging. There is nothing better than financial peace of mind, and doing all I can to help people get there really motivates me to work hard.

how I do it

Learning every day is the key to success, continuous improvement is very important to get the best out of myself to achieve the best outcome for our clients and I am working hard to improve my knowledge. Also having a great supporting team is a huge help in both my development and ensuring the desired outcomes for our clients.

who I really am

Born and raised in Melbourne, somewhere I will always call home, however I love to travel and believe it is so important to experience as much of our amazing world as possible. Being fit and healthy is also very important to me and on the weekends you will see my partner and I exploring our beautiful state enjoying the outdoors, hitting the gym and hanging with friends at every chance we get.