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The Choice Team

Why I do it

I love helping people and throughout my career, I have always been lucky enough to be in roles where I am able to engage with clients and help them. I took an interest in the finance industry when I moved to Melbourne in 2013 and have worked in this industry since then.  I love learning about the property market here and I get great satisfaction knowing that I have helped a client out in some way. 

How I do it

Client care is my number one priority and I always try my best to provide a number one service.   I am a good listener and always ensure I understand what the clients needs and objectives are.  I pay strong attention to detail and have a well structured approach to problem solving.

Who I Really Am

I am from North East England and moved to Melbourne in 2013.  I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to move to this wonderful city. I love everything about Melbourne - the people, places to visit and of course the weather. 

I have two young sons who keep me busy when I am not at work.  I spend time on a weekend taking my sons to their various sporting activities and I try and spend as much quality time with my family as I can.  I love socialising and have made lots of great friends since I moved to Melbourne, some of them are now like family.  I love eating out and will do so at any given opportunity and I am also partial to a glass or two of wine!!  

I love fitness and try to get to the gym most mornings before work.  I participated in the Connors Fun Run in 2017 and after months of training I was able to complete the run in a decent time! When I have time I enjoy reading and LOVE British Drama series!!