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The Choice Team

why I do it

I also have a strong belief in insurance and the benefits it provides. I have made it my mission to ensure that everyone I meet understands the importance of insurance and has adequate protection in place (regardless of age) to ensure they and their family have the financial means to cope during times of adversity.

how I do it

Growing up as the youngest in my family, with three older brothers, means that I’ve spent a lot of time listening, observing and fighting to be taken seriously. I believe it’s these skills that have assisted me in becoming a trusted adviser as I pride myself on taking the time to listen to my clients and what is important to them.

I love it when people say that I’m not your ‘typical financial planner’. I feel that at Choice Capital we inject youth into the industry and challenge some of the more traditional views which makes me proud.

who I really am

Away from my desk I’m either on the netball court; at our holiday home in Inverloch or embracing the best of what Melbourne has to offer. On the weekends in particular you’ll find me with my friends in Windsor or Prahran, which is where my weakness for Espresso Martinis is fuelled!

As a lover of the outdoors, nothing relaxes me more than lying on a beautiful beach or taking my new puppy Rupert for a long walk. Friends and family play a huge part in my life and I am who I am today through their support, love and guidance.

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