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Our Award Winning Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners & Lawyers have been helping people make their home and investment dreams a reality since 1998. 

We help our clients live a life they value through ongoing Financial Advice and Lending Services. 

Welcome to Choice Capital. If you are on the verge of making a life changing decision like purchasing or selling a property, getting married, having children, changing career, getting started with a financial plan or starting again, please take time to have a look around. Choosing financial specialists to work with is a big descision and we want to make that easy for you.

Experience and Enthusiasm

With a fresh approach and energetic enthusiasm, we help people make the most of their money so they can get the best out of life. Our experienced team of financial planners and mortgage brokers are passionate about helping you achieve your life goals. We work as a team to bring you all the financial services you need throughout your life in one place.

We Listen

We take the time to listen and really care about our clients. We use everyday language and explain everything so you can feel confident and in control of your choices. Our team has unwavering professional integrity - being transparent and ethical is a big deal to us.

There's No Pressure

Our office is a no pressure environment where you will be treated with respect and feel like you're in safe hands. The team is young and energetic, and no one takes themselves too seriously. The office is warm and inviting, and will have you feeling inspired, creative and in charge of your life. When we see you taking control of your finances and your future we know we have done our job.

Goal Setting

We can help you break down your money plans down into satisfying goals. These goals might be things like:

  • Reaching financial independence before retirement age
  • Owning your home earlier
  • Traveling more often
  • Starting a university fund for your children
  • Working less
  • Starting your own business
  • Handing your business down to your children

We can help you achieve your goals by providing you with guidance, structure and support. Creating a better future is your choice and we can help you make it happen. We'd love to help, book a chat with our team here

Helping clients formulate a financial path forward, and seeing the benefits over time is what its all about.
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For me, there is nothing better than when a client shows appreciation for what our team has been able to help them achieve.
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I enjoy problem solving and strive to set people up on the right path in areas they may have previously known nothing about.
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I love giving clients peace of mind by helping with their Wills, property purchases and corporate structuring.
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There is nothing more rewarding than understanding what a client wants and educating them on how to make a better tomorrow.
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I love meeting new people and challenging them to think about their ‘big picture’ and what it is they are trying to achieve.
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I love seeing the rewards my clients reap from guiding them through to the most suitable lending solutions.
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Whether it's a purchase or refinance, calling clients on settlement day is the most enjoyable part of my role.
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I love helping my clients reach that lightbulb moment when it comes to understanding their finances.
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I love learning about the Melbourne property market and I get great satisfaction from knowing that I have helped a client out in some way.
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There is nothing better than financial peace of mind, and doing all I can to help people get there really motivates me.
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I love people and problem solving so get satisfaction from knowing I’ve helped someone, be it a client or a colleague.
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I've taken care of the monetary aspects at Choice Capital since day one, and love seeing the business continually grow.
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