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Make the most of your hard earned money

No smoke, no mirrors, no maze. We make it easy to work with us and find a clear, tailored path to your ongoing goals. Your future self will thank you for it.


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We actually enjoy doing all the shopping around and paperwork it takes to ensure your plans stay on track and your loved ones remain protected. Really.


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Our award-winning team has been helping our clients make their lifestyle goals a reality since 1998. Take out the guesswork and make educated choices.


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Stay in contact and in control with our exclusive wealth portal app. Ask us for details - we love talking about it! Available on iPhone & Android.

Life is all about choices. We’re here to make them easier.

So much more than Mortgage Broking and Superannuation.

Whether you are buying your first or third home, planning for retirement, have some money to invest, want to protect your family or helping a loved one transition to aged care, we can help you secure your loan and set up a strategic plan.

We care and want to help you maximise your opportunities in all things financial. You’re never too young and it’s never too late. It’s a long term focus resulting in a long term outcome, working with your team of Lending Specialists and Financial Advisers throughout your journey.


Do you lie awake worrying about whether you'll "have enough" in your golden years?

The options available for investing both inside and outside of superannuation can be daunting. Our team will work with you to understand where you want to be and address any concerns. We’ll then provide a plan that matches your comfort level and life stage with a well-diversified portfolio.

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Are you concerned about high levels of personal debt?

From high-interest credit cards and car loans to spiralling after-pay services, getting your debts under control could be one of the quickest ways to create wealth for yourself. With some clever cashflow tweaks and planning, we can help get your current debts under control and saving for more important things.


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Thank you to Christine and the Team for, exceptional service provided throughout the entire process due to a clear customer lense. A personable understanding, providing updates, managing expectations and closing the loop throughout we had zero follow up required throughout the entire process. Can't thank you enough. You have created a new advocate for Choice Capital!

Michelle, Cranbourne East

I want to thank the Choice Team for ensuring a seamless property settlement on the doorstep of Christmas. The expertise and communication from Julie Dickinson, in particular, made the experience stress free and I recommend reaching out to Choice Capital when making key financial decisions.

Andrew & Georgina, Warrandyte

Amazing personalised service from initial consultation to final recommendations and outcomes. Would definitely recommend the choice team!

Cam & Jules, West Melbourne

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